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Welcome to Soft Solutions, located in New Delhi, India. We are involved in software development, health care, dentistry, medical tourism, marketing and other related domains.

About Us​

Here at Soft Solutions, we work hard everyday to maintain great relationship with our customers and clients. We are a group of doctors, designers, developers, marketers. We all bring different skill set together and form a company that deals in various domains such as software development, health care, dentistry, medical tourism, marketing and other related domains. We endeavor to satisfy our customers and clients by offering them high quality products and services. All Soft Solutions products and services are the best among all available and carry a full satisfaction guarantee.


Our Services

Software Development
Online Marketing
Dental Services
Training and Internships
India Tourism
Language Translations
Website Development
Medical Tourism

Our Team

Dr. Madhvi Nagpal, Dentist

Dr. Madhvi Nagpal
Senior Dentist

Dr. Madhvi Nagpal is the head of our medical team and is the most experienced among us. She has over 15 years of experience in all dental treatments.

Garima Mullick, Office Manager

Garima Mullick
Office Manager

Garima Mullick manages the USA office in Hoffman Estates, IL. Her responsibilities are operations, accounting, recruitment and HR.

Dr. Ankur Garg, Dentist

Dr. Ankur Garg
Senior Oral Surgeon

Dr. Ankur Garg is a senior oral surgeon. He had done over 100 thousand complex oral surgeries.

Ankit Nagpal

Ankit Nagpal
Computer Engineer

Ankit Nagpal handles website, marketing, operations, client and IT support.

Radhey Shyam Singh, Dental lab Work Manager

Radhey Shyam Singh
Manager, Dental Lab

Mr. Radhey Shyam Singh is our full-time manager for all our Dental lab works. He manages a team of 10 workers under him who do our laboratory work.

Dr. Harshita Vohra, Dentist

Dr. Harshita Vohra

Dr. Harshita Vohra is very experienced in tooth crowns, dentures, RCT, implants, teeth cleaning and other dental treatments.